Ghost Sources

1.) Eaton, and Marc A. “‘Give Us a Sign of Your Presence’: Paranormal Investigation as a Spiritual Practice | Sociology of Religion | Oxford Academic.” OUP Academic, Oxford University Press, 30 July 2015,

“The ethnographic nature of this study enabled direct observation of how investigators intertwined conventional religious, New Age, and scientific beliefs and practices throughout their investigations.”

Marc Eaton in this article just talks about his personal experience through investigating and all the people that he has met. He talks about each persons different background in life and their reasons as to why they investigate and all about what type of tools and tricks they use as well.  It connects to my topic because I can compare it to who Ghost Adventures is used to working with each other. This will allow me to talk about his experiences and   background of ghost hunting.

2.) “Ghost-Hunting Mistakes: Science and Pseudoscience in Ghost Investigations.” CSI,

“Ghost investigations can be deceptively tricky endeavors. Very ordinary events can be-and indeed have been-mistaken for extraordinary ones, and the main challenge for any ghost investigator is separating the facts from a jumble of myths, mistakes, and misunderstandings. It can be very easy to accidentally create or misinterpret evidence: Is that flash of light on the wall a flashlight reflection-or a ghost? Are the faint sounds recorded in an empty house spirit voices-or a neighbor’s radio? It’s not always clear, and investigators must be careful to weed out the red herrings and focus on the verified information.”

This article is just his opinion as to what people should do when they are investigating to build credible evidence. And how they should do actual scientific testing and investigating to build factual evidence. He also explains what they do wrong. He has a background in science and paranormal research, so he knows what he is doing. This is directly connected to my article because it correlates perfectly with it. It talks about how you should carry out an investigation. And how to not do it and all the flaws that come along with certain investigation mishaps. This source will allow me to discuss all about how to correctly organize and carry out a proper investigation.

3.) Source will not be changed into MLA format.

“The possibility that the dead stay with us in the forms of souls or spirits is an old one, and one that offers numerous individuals consolation. And this emotional connect leads them to believe that the deceased is searching for them.”

In this specific article, it talks about the belief in ghosts and spirits, and a brief background of them. And then it goes on to the paranormal investigative part and all the different kinds of investigators and what separates them from the rest. This is related to my article because I can deeply talk about the different kinds of investigators and decide which ones are the best and more reliable. This will then allow me to do a more in-depth talk about the different kinds of ghost hunters. And explain the different kinds of tools and ides for the profession.

4.) Amateur Paranormal Research

“The use of psychics or sensitives violates Merton’s norm of universalism since only certain gifted individuals can “sense” the spirit present or communicate with the entity. The nongifted cannot confirm or deny such an observation. In

haunting cases, the investigator is encouraged to be his or her own instrument, recording psychic or sensory impressions. This constitutes a full-on invitation to engage in biased, subjective, and unverifiable reporting.”

The main idea of this source is to correctly show the right way to do an investigation. It explains how they use psychics when only that person can sense or feel it so we need know if it is the actual truth or not. So it is not credible evidence. This will connect to my article because it also explains what the “basic” paranormal investigator uses and what they do wrong while carrying out an investigation. This source will help me talk about my artifact in a way that is very well backed up, this is a scholarly source and it is very credible and has many points in it that will help me carry out my essay.

5.) Holt, Nicola Jane. “Benign Schizotypy: Investigating Differences between Clusters of Schizotype on Paranormal Belief, Creativity, Intelligence and Mental Health.” – Share Research,

“The most consistent factor – Unusual Experiences − includes magical or religious beliefs, altered sensations and perceptions of one’s own body and the world, hypersensitivity to sounds and smells as well as a heightened sensitivity to the external environment; déjà vu, jamais vu, auditory hallucinations and pseudo-hallucinations (Mason, Claridge & Williams, 1997).” (p.83)

The main purpose of this article is to talk about schitzotype and to explain some of the side effects it has. This connects to my artifact because it talks about how one of the effects of people with this disorder is a belief in ghosts. And that they see them and truly believe that they can come in contact with them and feel their presence. They can also sense anytype of change around. This will allow me to discuss about how maybe Ghost Adventures are just a bunch of looniticks.

6.) “The Medium, the Mystic, and the Physicist.” Google Books,

” I had been trained as an experimental psychologist and it seemed obvious that such evidence as there was must be due to bad experimental design, false memories, hysteria, and chicanery. ” (CH. 2.)

In this article, the main purpose of chapter two is to inform you on how to correctly gather information. Through paranormal experiments, we can take our time and put in all thought to create an explination for certain events. This connects because I am doing my paper on Ghost Adventures, and this article is more doctored than Ghost Adventures. This will allow me to talk about different studies to help backup my research for this paper.

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